We have some fantastic news from the Steer Apprenticeship Program! 4 of our apprentices were nominated to participate in the prestigious IMI Skills Competitions. The first two national qualifiers are being held today until 17th May.

Big Cheers for Our Qualifiers!
A huge congratulations to Keeley Tait, David Lindert, Arran Cooper, and Nathan Hoe, who have all advanced to the National Qualifier round! We’re incredibly proud and excited for them as they prepare to take their skills to the next level in this challenging and prestigious event.

Skills on Display
Our apprentices will need to demonstrate a wide range of technical skills, from handling hand tools and power tools to operating complex workshop equipment. They'll also showcase their mastery of measuring instruments and specialist tools.

More Than Just Technical Skills
But it’s not all about the tools. Success in these competitions comes from combining technical prowess with essential soft skills:
•                Time Management: Making every minute count.
•                Planning: Strategising their approach to complex tasks.
•                Problem-Solving: Finding solutions under pressure.
Judging Excellence
The competition is judged by a panel of industry experts, college faculty, and training providers. Their decisions are thoroughly moderated and quality assured to ensure fairness. Our judges are on the lookout for excellence, assessing competitors on their ability to:
•                Analyse and Organise: Turning information into action.
•                Communicate: Sharing ideas clearly and effectively.
•                Plan Work Activities: Organising tasks for optimal workflow.
•                Apply Math: Using numbers to solve real-world problems.
•                Problem Solve: Navigating challenges creatively.
•                Use Technology: Employing modern tools to get the job done.
•                Adhere to Safety: Following health and safety laws diligently.
We are thrilled to support our apprentices as they prove their skills among the best in the field. Let’s root for them as they continue to make us proud throughout the competition.

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow their journey towards excellence in the IMI Skills Competitions. Go Steer Apprentices!