While it may not feel like it at the moment, spring and warmer weather are on their way so now is the perfect time to check over your car’s bodywork and get it prepped for the sunny days ahead.

During the winter your car will have suffered from the rain, mud, snow, grit and general dirt build-up which come with the season so a sunny spring day is the perfect time to give your car a fresh spring clean to get rid of all that winter muss.

Use a pressure washer
You will need a strong hose or even better, a pressure washer, to wash underneath your car – that way you can be sure that you will be cleaning off any mud; dirt and salt build up under the car which could cause corrosion issues if left.

Use a specialist wheel cleaner
Use wheel cleaner and soft brushes to help clean your wheels and remove any build up from the road and any dust from the brakes.

Hand-wash the bodywork
When it comes to your car’s bodywork it’s always better to hand-wash it to avoid damage to the paintwork. Make sure you use specialist car shampoo to clean your car rather than washing up liquid which is not designed to care for car paintwork.

A washing mitt works better than a sponge which can harbour dirt and will leave marks on the car from the shampoo. You will also need two buckets – one with the washing shampoo in it and the other with water to rinse out your washing mitt as you go around the car, to clear it of dirt.

Rinse the car
After washing your car with the specialist shampoo make sure you rinse it all away using a hosepipe so there is no shampoo residue left on the vehicle.

Dry your car
While it might be tempting to leave your car to dry in the sunshine you will get a better result and less smears if you dry it yourself.

Don’t forget the windows
Use a specialist window cleaner to make sure your car windows and mirrors are all thoroughly cleaned and dried both on the inside and outside. You should also take this opportunity to check your wiper blades.

Wax your paintwork
Now that the car is all cleaned you should give it a coat of wax to help keep it that way for longer and to protect the paint work going forward.

While cleaning the bodywork it’s a good time to check your car over for any problems and to deal with any scratches or dents that might have been generated during the winter.

You can also take the opportunity to check the fluid levels and top up anything which needs updating. As well as the bodywork it’s a good idea to give the inside of your car a proper spring clean as the carpets will no doubt have suffered with muddy shoes during the winter.