We are thrilled to welcome apprentices from the Apollo Powered by Steer and Balgores Powered by Steer regions, participating in diverse apprenticeship programs at 3M's state-of-the-art training centre. This initiative is more than just training; it's an investment in the future of our industry.

3M's centre is meticulously designed for apprentices in the early phases of their careers. It offers a comprehensive learning experience, encompassing a wide range of skills such as panel repair techniques, filler application, plastic repair, new panel preparation, and advanced paint mixing and application methods. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. But it's not just about the technical skills. The program also emphasises best practices in process management, health & safety, and environmental impact, including crucial aspects like waste management. This holistic approach is vital in preparing apprentices for the realities of our industry and instilling a sense of responsibility towards quality, safety, and sustainability.

Huge thanks to all at 3M for their incredible training sessions; their engaging and positive approach was instrumental in keeping the apprentices motivated and actively involved throughout the process. Moreover, the program is a fantastic networking opportunity. Apprentices connecting with peers from the group, sharing experiences and building relationships that will be invaluable as they progress in their careers.

Investing in the development of apprentices is essential for the growth and sustainability of our industry. It's about nurturing talent, sharing knowledge, and building a community of skilled professionals ready to take on future challenges.