Now that summer is nearly upon us it’s time to give your car a little post-winter TLC. While most of us take steps to prepare our vehicles for the winter months, the heat of the summer can also cause just as many problems so it’s important to get your car sun ready. Here are 10 things you should do to make sure your car is in perfect condition for the long summer days ahead.

1. Carry out a tyre safety check
Make sure all of your tyres are fully inflated and not suffering from any signs of wear and tear. If your tyres are worn, or not inflated sufficiently they can have a big impact on your car’s performance, and ultimately your safety on the road.

2. Give your car a thorough clean
Give your car a really good professional clean to remove any remaining winter salt and grit which might be stuck in the wheel arches or other places. Cleaning your car removes debris which could be hiding scratches or damage so as well as having a car that looks great, you can also check for any damage or problems and get them fixed.

3. Get your brakes checked out
If you can’t do it yourself then ask a garage to check your brakes over for you. You need to make sure the pads and drums haven’t suffered any cracks or breakage during the winter months – if there are any signs of winter problems then get them repaired ASAP.

4. Get your oil changed
Check your oil levels and if your dipstick is coming out black then your oil needs to be changed so book your car in for an oil change straight away. Most oils last several thousand miles and will be changed at your car service but it’s always worth a check after the winter months.

5. Check transmission fluid levels
This is a bit tricky to check yourself but if you book your car in for a summer check with a garage make sure to ask them to check your transmission fluid levels so you can drive happy in the knowledge there are no underlying problems.

6. Make sure your coolant is full
Ideally coolant should be changed yearly so make sure it’s full and mixed at the right ratio. Coolant is particularly important for your car during the summer months helping to lower the temperature when driving on long hot days.

7. Assess your power steering fluid
This is not a fluid level that is assessed routinely but if your power steering fluid is low it can make it very hard to drive the car, and if the fluid is old and dirty it can cause all kinds of problems for your car so it’s definitely worth getting it checked out by a garage.

8. Get your brake fluid checked out
Having low brake fluid levels can cause all kinds of problems with slowing down and stopping your car so it’s really important to make sure your brake fluid is at the right level – again it’s best to get a professional mechanic to look at this for you.

9. Get your Air Con system re-gassed
Get your air con system re-gassed to make sure it’s fresh and cool again in time for the hot summer months. 

10. Top up your windscreen wash
The summer months can see pollen, tree sap and insects galore covering your windows and with the glare of the sun making it harder to see, it’s important to have a clean and clear windshield. Top up your windscreen wash and get any cracks or chips repaired immediately.